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Desire (Touha)
All My Good Countrymen
(Všichni dobří rodáci)
Two films by Vojtěch Jasný
Czechoslovakia, 1958/1968

2-disc Blu-ray Special Edition

“Jasný is the spiritual father of the Czech New Wave” Miloš Forman

These two films by Vojtěch Jasný, one of Czechoslovak cinema's most renowned and influential film artists, tell deceptively simple tales of rural life.

Desire, a lyrical film poem beautifully shot across four seasons, represents the eternal cycle of human life.
Presented from a new 4K restoration, the autobiographical masterpiece All My Good Countrymen, weaves together the stories of a group of friends whose lives reflect the seismic political changes in post-war Czechoslovakia.

Both films make their world premieres on Blu-ray, and our
2-disc edition also features archival interviews with director Vojtěch Jasný and actor Drahomíra Hofmanová, additional films by Jasný, a booklet with a new essay by Peter Hames... and more!

Release Date: August 2022

Larks on a String
(Skřivánci na niti)
A film by Jiří Menzel
Czechoslovakia, 1969

Blu-ray Special Edition

“Menzel’s deceptively gentle, covertly merciless satire... [a] subversive masterpiece of life behind the Iron Curtain”
Scott Foundas, Film Comment

Larks on a String is a searing political satire from director Jiří Menzel and writer Bohumil Hrabal. Like their earlier Oscar-winning triumph Closely Observed Trains, it audaciously combines black humour with grim reality. Promptly banned by the Communist regime, the film remained unseen until 1990, when it was released to great acclaim.

Presented from a new 4K restoration, our world premiere Blu-ray edition also includes interviews with Menzel, a new Projection Booth audio commentary, Menzel's acclaimed short Our Dear Mr Foerster Died... and more.

Release Date: May 2022

New Releases

Luminous Procuress
A film by Steven Arnold
USA, 1971

Blu-ray Special Edition

“The most scandalous American avant-garde movie of its time. It may also have been the most influential”
Jim Hoberman, New York Times

The only feature film by artist, mystic and polymath Steven Arnold, Luminous Procuress film celebrates gender-fluidity and pan-sexuality in a voyeuristic phantasmagorical journey towards spiritual ecstasy.

Luminous Procuress was an underground sensation upon release but disappeared from circulation for many years. Now fully restored in all its sensuous glory, Luminous Procuress’ subversive delights are ready to be discovered anew.

Release Date: May 2022

Coach to Vienna
(Kočár do Vídně)
A film by Karel Kachyňa
Czechoslovakia, 1966

Blu-ray Special Edition

“A road movie unlike any other... an absolutely devastating indictment of the Czech nation after the Second World War... it may be one of the best and most important works of art the country has ever produced” Celluloid Paradiso

Karel Kachyňa’s long-supressed, powerful and often harrowing film is a fearless moral examination of the complexities of war, and explores the fine line between justice and vengeance.

Presented from a new 4K restoration, our world premiere Blu-ray edition also includes Kachyňa’s rediscovered 1949 graduation film, It's Not Always Cloudy (Není stále zamračeno), a feature-length, semi-documentary co-directed by Vojtěch Jasný; plus a new Projection Booth audio commentary... and more.

Release Date: March 2022

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