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A film by Juraj Herz
Czechoslovakia, 1972



Part fairy tale, part-Gothic horror, Morgiana is the story of two sisters who live a life of decadent opulence.Where Klára is charming and beautiful, Viktoria is wicked, sadistic, bursting with hate and jealousy, and plots to poison her more popular sibling.


With extraordinary visuals conjured by cinematographer Jaroslav Kučera (Daisies), Juraj Herz’s phantasmagoria of dark desires and splintered minds is a twisted Czech take on Poe’s The Black Cat and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? A hallucinatory experience from the director of the terrifying The Cremator.


“For those familiar with The Cremator, by the same director - I'd say this is equally as good a film... and a unique, psychological, horror”
Gary Tooze, DVD Beaver




Diary for my Children










A film by György Fehér
Hungary, 1990



Second Run are delighted to present György Fehér’s masterpiece - legendary, long unseen and most desired, now making its world premiere on Blu-ray in a stunning new 4K restoration.


A seasoned detective investigates a series of child murders, succumbing to an all-consuming and tragic obsession with the case, finding empty solace in his quest for vengeance.


Twilight unfolds with breathtaking cinematography and haunting sound design, allowing the mystery to emerge in tantalisingly atmospheric and meditative fashion.


“György Fehér’s work remains a cinephile’s hidden secret, with Twilight as his astounding feature… Fehér’s atmospheric noir is a spiritual witness to the battle of good vs. evil”
Andrei Tănăsescu, Vilnius Film Festival




Diary for my Children









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