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A film by Márta Mészáros
Hungary, 1975



Márta Mészáros is without doubt one of the most significant female directors from Central Europe, with the majority of her outspoken work dealing frankly with issues of gender, politics and society.

Adoption is a story about the hushed rebellion of two strong women, one in her late forties and
one in her teens.
43-year old Kata longs to have a child of her own. Rejected by her married lover, Kata looks into adoption, and befriends orphaned teenager Anna, herself determined to start a life on her own.


The film was awarded Golden Bear at the 1975 Berlin Film Festival, with Mészáros becoming the first woman filmmaker ever to recieve the award.

“Adoption rings with a relevant message of self-empowerment and decisively taking control of one’s fate in the face of a dour and uncaring society.” Julia Ray, Cinema Rediscovered




Diary for my Children










I Was at Home, but...

(Ich war zuhause, aber...)
A film by Angela Schanelec
Germany, 2019



The work of filmmaker Angela Schanelec has garnered a committed following since her 1994 debut. Her films have bewitched and mystified audiences with her unique, elliptical depictions of everyday life.


Winner of the 'Best Director' prize at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, I Was at Home, but... explores the impact of a devastating tragedy on a family, as they come to terms with grief, longing and and the prospect of moving on.


Schanelec’s films have a rhythm and tone all their own, and I Was at Home, but... achieves a remarkable balance of quiet poetry and raw emotion.


“An elegantly radical mystery... Classically composed and gorgeously immersive, the new film from Angela Schanelec is a bizarre, mystifying work that is oddly comforting despite its many puzzles.”
Jessica Kiang, Sight & Sound




Diary for my Children









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