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Diary for my Children









Happy End
(Šťastný konec)
A film by Oldřich Lipský

Czechoslovakia, 1967


Oldřich Lipský's one-of-a-kind Czech black comedy employs an ingenious twist - telling the life story of a philanderer and condemned murderer entirely in reverse: from his 'birth' at the guillotine, to his departure as an infant. Starring the great Vladimír Menšík in a rare leading role, the film is wildly inventive and disarmingly hilarious.


The reverse chronology, with events playing out completely backwards, upends the narrative flow to become a playful, surreal, Dadaist experience unlike anything else in Czech cinema.


Now beautifully restored in 4K, Happy End makes its world premiere on Blu-ray.

“Like Memento multiplied by ten to the power of infinity and scripted by Spike Milligan”
Wonders in the Dark



Diary for my Children









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