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El Mar La Mar
A film by Joshua Bonnetta
and J.P. Sniadecki
USA, 2017



A moving portrait of life in the US-Mexico border region, El Mar La Mar is an immersive, captivating and terrifying journey through the Sonoran Desert. Weaving together harrowing personal accounts from those who cross the border and the cruel political rhetoric of the right-wing American media, with striking footage of desert life and the detritus left behind by travellers.

Intense and mythic, and utilising a rich polyphonic soundtrack to create a vivid exploration of the desert habitat, El Mar La Mar
is an experience like nothing you’ve seen, heard or felt before.


“Monumentally important protest art. [...]
It strives to unearth what the desert so conveniently wipes away: untold stories of sacrifice and struggle”

Glenn Heath Jr, Little White Lies



Diary for my Children










Dragon's Return

(Drak sa vracia)
A film by Eduard Grečner
Czechoslovakia, 1967



Set at an unspecified past time in a world ruled by superstition, a reclusive potter nicknamed ‘Dragon’, is exiled from his isolated homestead. He returns years later, aiming to win back the trust of the villagers - but faces suspicion, guilt, and simmering violence.

A key film from Slovak cinema’s golden era, Eduard Grečner’s film is a radical fusion of ancient folklore and experimental modernism. Shot in luminous monochrome and boasting an extraordinary score by Ilja Zeljenka, it is an elemental vision of a world lost in time.


Presented from a new 2K restoration, Dragon's Return makes its world premiere on Blu-ray.


“A jaw-dropping masterpiece, an exercise in pure cinematic storytelling that captivates, enchants and terrifies in each scene”
Graham Williamson, The Geek Show



Diary for my Children









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