The Valley of the Bees Boxshot
The Valley of the Bees
Czechoslovakia, 1967
Length / The Valley of the Bees: 97 minutes
Sound: Original mono (restored)
Black & White
Original aspect ratio: 2.35:1 16x9 anamorphic
Language: Czech
Subtitles: English On/Off
Region 0
RRP: £12.99
buyRelease Date: 22nd March 2010
Second Run DVD 040
A visionary and evocative medieval epic, Vláčil’s The Valley of the Bees is just as powerful and engrossing a film as his more famous Marketa Lazarová.

It chronicles the tale of a young boy forced to join the Order of the Teutonic Knights. As he grows into a man his desire to return to his homeland leads him to abandon the Crusaders, only to be pursued by a fanatical former comrade and pay a terrible price for his rejection of the Holy Order.

With its resplendent black-and-white cinematography and highly convincing recreation of 13th-century Europe, the film is a raw and haunting moral fable which raises questions about the conflict between human nature and dogmatism.

Released just before the ’68 Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, the film’s theme was given a political interpretation and its screenings severely restricted by the authorities.

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The Valley of the Bees Stills
Special Features
• Presented in a new digital transfer with restored picture and sound.
• Anamorphic 16.9 enhanced for widescreen televisions.
• New and improved English subtitle translation.
• Booklet featuring essay by author and film programmer Peter Hames.
• Optimal quality dual-layer disc.

Petr Čepek - Ondřej of Vlkov
Jan Kačer - Armin von Heide
Věra Galatíková - Lenora
Michal Kožuch - Father Blasius
Zdeněk Kryzánek - Ondřej’s father
Josef Somr - Rotgier
Jana Hlaváčková - Blind girl

Directed by František Vláčil

Screenplay – Vladimír Körner and František Vláčil
Cinematography – František Uldrich
Costume Design - Theodor Pištěk
Music - Zdeněk Liška
Editing - Miroslav Hájek
Sound - František Fabián
Production Group - Ladislav Novotný-Bedřich Kubala

“Vláčil was, with just a handful of films to prove it, the Czech New Wave's formalist, post-expressionist wrecking ball, their Welles, their Paradjanov” Village Voice

“Combines the epic grandeur of Kurosawa with the compositional rigour of Eisenstein” Pacific Cinematheque

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