Czechoslovakia, 1962
Length / Feature: 92 minutes
Sound: Original mono (restored)
Black & White
Original aspect ratio: 1.33:1 full frame
Language: Czech and German
Subtitles: English On/Off
Region 0
RRP: £12.99
buyRelease Date: 10th March 2014
Second Run DVD 087

Zbyněk Brynych's award-winning film presents a vivid and realistic picture of the infamous Terezín Ghetto under Nazi control during World War II. Terezín (or Theresienstadt) was an international marshaling community in Czechoslovakia where thousands of Jews from around Europe were held before being told they were being transferred to Nazi 'work camps'. The inhabitants are forced to participate in a sickening charade to convince an imminent Red Cross delegation that normal life continues in the Ghetto. Gradually, a sense of the cold grip of terror gathers as the Nazi's grotesque preparations for genocide become clear.

Scripted by survivor Arnošt Lustig (Diamonds of the Night), based on his personal experiences and filmed in Terezín itself, Transport from Paradise is a profoundly affecting drama shot through with moments of strange and intense beauty. This powerful and haunting feature lingers in the mind long after viewing is presented for the first time ever in the UK.

The DVD is presented from a new digital transfer of the film, with newly translated English subtitles and accompanied by a 20-page booklet featuring an essay by acclaimed playwright and author Roy Kift.

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Directed by Zbyněk Brynych

Screenplay – Arnošt Lustig, Zbyněk Brynych
based on the short story collection Night and Hope
(Noc a naděje) by Arnošt Lustig

Cinematography – Jan Čuřík
Editing – Miroslav Hájek, Jitka Šulcová
Music – Jiří Sternwald
Production Design – Karel Škvor
Assistant Director – Juraj Herz

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Intimate IntimateIntimateIntimate

Special Features
• Presented in a new digital transfer with restored picture and sound.

• New and improved English subtitle translation.

• 'Reality and Illusion in Theresienstadt': a 20-page booklet essay by author and playwright Roy Kift.

• Released for the first time on DVD in the English-speaking world.

1963 Locarno International Film Festival / Winner: Best Film

"One of the most brilliant works of both the Czech New Wave and Holocaust cinema"
Dennis Grunes, A Short Chronology of World Cinema

"There have been several distinguished films about life in Nazi-controlled central European ghettoes during World War II - Schindler's List, The Pianist, Jakob the Liar - but none are
quite like Zbyněk Brynych's extraordinary evocation of Terezín"

Michael Brooke, MovieMail

"A grim, sad reminder of an unforgettable human ordeal... reveals the savagery that can exist behind a mask of humanity" TV Guide


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