The Third Part of the Night Boxshot
The Third Part Of The Night
Poland 1971
Length / Main Feature: 102 minutes
Length / Special Feature: 21 minutes
Sound: Original mono (restored)
Colour 1.66:1 widescreen
Language: Polish
buySubtitles: English On/Off
PAL R0 RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 14th May 2007
Andrzej Żuławski is one of the true mavericks of European cinema and his wild, imaginative and unique films have won awards at many international film festivals over the years. A nightmarish and surreal masterpiece, The Third Part of the Night is his highly influential debut feature film. Set during the time of the Nazi-occupation of Poland and rich with multilayered symbolism and apocalyptic imagery, it shows one of Europe's most uncompromising and visionary directors at his best.

Considered to be one of the best Polish films of the 1970s, this is its first-ever release on DVD anywhere in the world.

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The Third Part Of The Night Stills
Special Features
- Newly filmed interview with director Andrzej Żuławski.
- Digital transfer with restored image and sound, approved by the Director.
- New and improved English subtitle translation.
- Optimal quality dual layer disc.
- Booklet featuring a new Essay by author Daniel Bird.

Main Cast and Crew
Małgorzata Braunek – Helena; Marta
Leszek Teleszyński – Michal
Jan Nowicki – Jan
Jerzy Goliński – Michal’s father
Anna Milewska – Klara
Michał Grudziński – Marian
Marek Walczewski – Rozenkranc

Directed by Andrzej Żuławski

Screenplay - Mirosław Żuławski and Andrzej Żuławski

Cinematography - Witold Sobociński
Production Manager - Barbara Pec-Ślesicka
Music - Andrzej Korzyński
Editing - Halina Prugar and Jadwiga Leśniewicz
Film Supervisor – Andrzej Wajda

"A complex and surreal work. a haunting first feature" - Time Out

"Żuławski.a mature artist, a personality in possession of an imagination more wide-ranging than any in Polish cinema" - International Film Guide

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