Poland, 1970 / 1977 / 1981
Length / Main features: 266 minutes
Length / Special features: 44 minutes
Sound: Original mono (restored) /
Dolby 5.1 surround
Black and White / Colour
Original aspect ratios:
1.78:1, 1.66:1 - 16.9 anamorphic /
1.42:1 full frame
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English On/Off
PALDVD5 x 1 / DVD9 x 2
Region 0
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buyRelease Date: 25th May 2015
Second Run DVD 096

Second Run DVD presents the third volume in its Polish Cinema Classics series. Gathering together three of the finest Polish films of the 1970s and 80s, this special edition box set contains these celebrated films fully restored in new HD masters and released for the first time ever in the UK.

This 3-DVD Set comprises:
THE CRUISE (Rejs / Marek Piwowski, 1970)
Regarded as Polish cinema's first 'cult' film, Piwowski's absurdist comedy parodies life in the (then) People's Republic of Poland, reducing a weekend river cruise to a hilarious satire of the entire Communist system. Piwowski's gift of observation, humour and an acute awareness of national pathology have made THE CRUISE one of Poland's most popular and widely-known films of the 1970s.

CAMOUFLAGE (Barwy ochronne / Krzysztof Zanussi, 1977)

A milestone in Polish cinema, Camouflage probes the moral fabric of the society underlying Poland's regime. Set at an University summer seminar, where personal and professional rivalries and tensions are unflinchingly exposed, Zanussi uncovers layers of corruption, disillusionment, and a confused set of public and moral values, marking CAMOUFLAGE among Zanussi's finest and most politically subversive works.

SHIVERS (Dreszcze / Wojciech Marczewski , 1981)
Wojciech Marczewski's powerful and disquieting Shivers is a coming-of-age story set in the 1950s at a Stalinist youth camp.
13 year old Tomek is sent to a camp where he falls under the spell of an idealistic but manipulative young woman. An unnerving parable of political indoctrination, the film daringly explores themes of erotic and political fascination. Banned by the Communist authorities just after its release, the film went on to win the Silver Bear Prize at the 1982 Berlin Film Festival.

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Adelheid Stills

The Cruise:
"No previous Polish comedy filmmaker, including myself, had managed to establish such an instant and intimate relationship with the audience. There was no such laughter or such applause at the screenings of the films we had made before" Andrzej Wajda

"Among the many attempts at comedy, one stands out from the rest: Rejs" Marek Haltof, Polish National Cinema

Voted #1 Favourite Polish Film by the readers of Poland's biggest-selling weekly newsmagazine Polityka.

"There was a time in the late 1970s when Krzysztof Zanussi was the toughest-minded filmmaker in the world, and Camouflage is among his finest achievements"
Mike Walsh, Senses of Cinema

"Dizzyingly rich in the depth and breadth of its thematic concerns... endlessly fascinating and razor sharp" CineVue

"Brilliantly staged and flawlessly enacted... a precisely modulated satire whose abrasive edges continually test our discomfort" Slant Magazine

"Camouflage helped found Poland's 'cinema of moral concern'. It did so sparklingly, delightfully"
Dennis Grunes, A Short Chronology of World Cinema

"I wanted to create a sort of a portrait of my generation. The Stalinist period had left a deep, internal mark on many of us" Wojciech Marczewski

"A brilliant film... a contemporary parable" Newsweek

"A tacit account of the making of a monster"
Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"A very clear and penetrating study of how the system worked to win young hearts and minds, of the indoctrination methods and the perfidious exploitation of young people's susceptibility to propaganda, of the ways of depriving people of identities and breaking of characters"
Malgorzata Hendrykowska, A Chronicle of Polish Film-Making


Special Features
• Presented from a superb new high-definition restorations of the films, approved by the filmmakers.

• Newly filmed, exclusive interviews with directors Krzysztof Zanussi and Wojciech Marczewski.

• New and improved English subtitle translations.

Booklets featuring specially commissioned new essays on the films by Daniel Bird, Michał Oleszczyk and Michael Brooke.

• Dolby® 5.1 Surround audio option on all three films.

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