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Brazil, 2015
Length / Neon Bull:
Blu-Ray (24fps): 104 minutes
DVD (25fps): 100 minutes
Length / Special features: 59 minutes
Sound / Blu-Ray:
5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
2.0 Stereo LPCM (48k/24-bit).

Sound / DVD: 5.1 Dolby Surround
2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

Blu-Ray: BD50 / 1080 / 24fps / Region ABC
DVD: PAL / DVD9 / 25 fps / Region 0
Blu-Ray RRP: £19.99
DVD RRP: £12.99

Release Date: 16 April 2018
Second Run DVD 121 / SRBD 011


Gabriel Mascaro’s sensual, subversive Neon Bull unfolds within the macho world of traditional Brazilian rodeo, the vaquejada. Iremar is one of a motley gang of bull wranglers who travel from rodeo to rodeo, living an arduous itinerant life on the fringes of society. But each aspires to a better future and, after-hours, Iremar strives to fulfil his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Balancing provocative realism with improvisational drama, Neon Bull is a celebration of its characters and their everyday lives as well as their obstinate capacity to dream. Filmed in mesmerizing, hypnotic visuals, it explores the lives of its protagonists with fierce, funny, sweaty intimacy, lyrically subverting its macho domain.

Available on both Blu-Ray and DVD formats, Neon Bull is presented from the brand new HD transfer of the film, with special features including an extended 'Making of' featurette and director Gabriel Mascaro in conversation at the Film fra Sør festival in Norway, plus a booklet featuring a previously unpublished interview with the director by David Jenkins.


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Special Features

Special Features

• Presented complete and uncut from a brand new transfer of the film.
• A special interview with director Gabriel Mascaro, filmed at the Film fra Sør festival in Norway.
• The Making of Neon Bull - an extended featurette.
• 12-page booklet featuring a previously unpublished interview with Mascaro by Little White Lies editor David Jenkins.
• Optional 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray.
• Optional 5.1 Dolby Surround Audio on the DVD.
• Theatrical trailer.
• Region Free (A/B/C) Blu-ray.
• Region Free (Region '0') DVD.


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Directed by Gabriel Mascaro
Screenplay - Gabriel Mascaro
Director of Photography - Diego Garcia
Music by Otávio Santos, Cláudio N, Carlos Montenegro
Edited by Fernando Epstein, Eduardo Serrano
Art Direction – Maira Mesquita
Sound - Mauricio d'Orey, Fabian Olivier
Produced by Rachel Ellis

Main Cast
Juliano Cazarré -
Alyne Santana -
Maeve Jinkings -
Vinícius de Oliveira -
Josinaldo Alves -
Samya De Lavor -
Carlos Pessoa -

Abigail Pereira -



2015 Venice Film Festival / Winner: Special Horizons Jury Prize
2015 Toronto International Film Festival / Winner: Platform Prize
2015 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival /
Winner: Best Film
2015 Warsaw International Film Festival /
Winner: International Competition, Grand Prix

"Visually ravishing and sexually provocative" Toronto Star

"Neon Bull is a profound reflection on the intersection of the human and bestial... exalts carnal passion in beautiful, almost sculptural love scenes" New York Times

"A fascinating exploration of body and gender norms... gorgeously shot and framed by Cemetery of Splendour cinematographer Diego Garcia" Hollywood Reporter

"Exudes hormones from every pore, sure to seduce many a festival with the helmer’s gift for frank sexuality and unforgettable imagery... Not since Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz rutted in 'Jamon Jamon' have meat and sex made such provocative bedfellows" Variety

"Wild, sensual and utterly transporting, Brazilian writer-director Gabriel Mascaro's second fiction feature unfolds within the world of the vaquejada, a traditional exhibition sport in which cowboys try to pull bulls to the ground by their tails. Neon Bull explores the vaquejada through the eyes of Iremar, a handsome cowboy who works the events. While he's not afraid to get his hands dirty, Iremar's real dream is to design exotic outfits for dancers." Peter Howell, Toronto Star

"With all the grace and symmetry of a peacock fanning its tail, director Gabriel Mascaro reveals his hand in quixotic blasts of expressionistic color, graphic sensuality, and a few things we’ve never before seen on film" San Diego Reader

"Stately, earthy, graphic, riveting." The Village Voice

"Auspicious, original, and absorbing" The Playlist

"Mascaro works much like his protagonist, gathering together details, images, and scenes to create unexpected visions... metaphoric, erotic, tender, and disturbing" Boston Globe

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