Barking Boxshot
Hungary, Germany, 1988
Length / Laurin: 84 minutes
Length / Special features: 139 minutes
Sound: English 1.0 Mono LPCM /
German 2.0 Dual-Mono LPCM (48khz/16-bit)
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English, German
Subtitles: English

Blu-Ray BD50 / 1080p / 24fps / Region ABC
RRP: £19.99

Release Date: 3 April 2023
SRBD 060


A single image - a woman in a black cloak in a cemetery on a stormy night – was the inspiration for director Robert Sigl to create this richly atmospheric, gloriously morbid and menacing Gothic chiller.

In a 19th century German village, a young girl experiences fearsome night-time visions as a deranged child-killer stalks the streets…

Evoking dark coming-of-age tales such as Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and the stories of Angela Carter, the stylish, sinister film draws comparisons with the cinema of Italian maestros Mario Bava and Dario Argento. Boasting wonderful set and costume design, and superb cinematography by Nyika Jancsó, Laurin is an outstanding debut feature.

Presented from a new HD transfer approved by the director, Laurin makes its UK premiere on Blu-ray. Our region-free edition also features a wealth of extras including interviews with members of the cast and crew, 'Making of', and two of Sigl's award-winning short films - The Christmas Tree (1983) and Coronoia 21 (2021) - plus a booklet with new writing on the film by critic James Oliver.

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Special Features

• Presented complete and uncut from an HD transfer approved by director Robert Sigl.
• The film presented in both English and German language versions.
• Interview with actor Dóra Szinetár.
• Interview with actor Barnabás Tóth.
• Interview with cinematographer Nyika Jancsó.
• An appreciation by film historian Jonathan Rigby, author
of English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema 1897–2015.
• The Making of 'Laurin' - an archival documentary (1988).
• Deleted Scenes.
• Trailer.
• Two of Robert Sigl's award-winning, unnerving short films:
- The Christmas Tree (Der Weihnachtsbaum, 1983)
- Coronoia 21 (2021).
• Booklet featuring a new essay by film writer and critic
James Oliver.
• New and improved English subtitle translation of the
German language version.
• Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C).
• UK premiere on Blu-ray.

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Directed by Robert Sigl
Screenplay - Ádám Rozgonyi, Robert Sigl
Cinematography - Nyika Jancsó
Editing - Teri Losonci
Sound - István Wolf, Lajos Ledniczky
Set Design - Éva Martin
Costume Design - Gizella Koppány
Music - Hans Jansen, Jacques Zwart

Main Cast
Dóra Szinetár - Laurin
Brigitte Karner - Flora
Károly Eperjes - Van Rees
Hédi Temessy - Olga
Barnabás Tóth – Stefan
János Derzsi – Arne
Endre Kátay - Pastor Van Rees


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1989 Bavarian Film Award / Winner: Best New Director

“An effective Gothic chiller, resonating with images of unease and sexual malaise, ripe with atmosphere and understated menace” Nigel Burrell, Eyeball

“Exciting, scary, and full of poetry - magical!”
Cinema magazine

“A marvel of understated horror” Der Spiegel

“Sigl manages to awake the brooding atmosphere of some of Werner Herzog's historical dramas, even preserving the magical realism of Herzog's Nosferatu... there are also glimpses of Dario Argento's and Lucio Fulci's Gothic horror films” KinoEye

“The best film Mario Bava never directed [...] Laurin's entrancing pre-Guillermo del Toro mix of childhood innocence and adult horror, as well as the breathtaking cinematography by Nyika Jancsó” Fantasia

“Sigl manages to formulate something equal to his influences, operating with a confidence that allows his feature film debut (!) to achieve a status right up there with all those other classic films of the fantastique” Off Screen

“Like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and The Company of Wolves, this fascinating period thriller uses fairytale-horror imagery to weave an hypnotic fable about adolescent traumas and sexual longing” Spinning Image

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