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Poland, 1957
Length / Eroica: 81 mins
Length / Special feature: 18 mins
Sound: Original mono (restored)
Black and white
Original aspect ratio: 1.56:1/16.9 anamorphic
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English On/Off
Region 0
RRP: £12.99
buyRelease Date: 06 August 2012
Second Run DVD 046

Andrzej Munk's 'heroic symphony', set during WWII, presents two sardonic tales of courage and valour which aim to demystify the archetypal image of heroism. The first movement focuses on a seemingly feckless and selfish man and his ironic route to finally taking up arms in the national struggle against the Nazis. The second movement is set in a POW camp whose Polish inmates cling to their hopes for an eventual escape, encouraged by the legendary escape of one of their number.

Both tales converge to create a blackly comic and perceptive satire; a provocative, powerful, and potent anti-war poem considered amongst the most subversive films of the period.

The DVD features the film presented from a new HD digital transfer with restored picture and sound supervised by the film's cinematographer Jerzy Wójcik, plus Andrzej Munk's prize-winning short film A Walk in the Old Town of Warsaw (Spacerek staromiejski) and a new essay on the film by author and film scholar Dr César Ballester.

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Special Features
• Presented from a new high-definition restoration of the film, supervised by the film's cinematographer Jerzy Wójcik.

• Andrzej Munk's prize-winning short film
A Walk in the Old Town of Warsaw (Spacerek staromiejski).

• New and improved English subtitle translation.

• 16-page booklet featuring a new essay by author and film scholar Dr César Ballester.

• Optimal quality dual-layer disc.

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Part I - Scherzo alla polacca:
Edward Dziewoński -
Dzidziuś Górkiewicz
Barbara Połomska
- Zosia Górkiewicz
Ignacy Machowski - Major
Leon Niemczyk - Lt. István Kolya

Part II – Ostinato lugubre:
Kazimierz Rudzki
- Turek
Henryk Bąk -
Mariusz Dmochowski -
Roman Kłosowski
- Szpakowski

Directed by Andrzej Munk

Screenplay – Jerzy Stefan Stawiński based on his short stories
Cinematography – Jerzy Wójcik
Art Direction – Jan Grandys
Editors – Jadwiga Zajičzek, Mirosława Garlicka
Sound – Bohdan Jankowski
Music – Jan Krenz


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1958 Polish Film Critics' Award / Best Polish Film of the Year
1959 Mar del Plata Film Festival / Winner FIPRESCI Award

"A darkly comic, intelligent, and unorthodox chronicle... a clever, engaging, and insightful satire on duty, courage, and heroism" Strictly Film School

"A true black comedy... that has something relevant to say about the modern world" Pauline Kael

"Munk's visual savvy and screwball daring are unique"
Village Voice



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