Barking Boxshot

UK, 2003 - 2022
Total length: 415 minutes
Sound: 2.0 Dual Mono
2.0 Stereo LPCM (48khz/16-bit/24-bit)
Colour / Black and white
Original aspect ratios:
1.37:1 / 1:78:1 / 2.60:1 / 2.85:1
Language: English

Blu-Ray: BD50 x 2 / 1080p
Region ABC (Region Free)
Blu-Ray RRP: £29.99

Release Date: 27 Nov 2023
Second Run BD066


British artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers is internationally renowned for creating a body of bold experimental works that lie between documentary and fiction. Often focusing on subjects that have separated themselves from society, he shapes a world in which the familiar becomes strange. Using vintage cameras, a variety of film stocks and processing the films by hand, the footage often resembles found, aged or archival film which itself feeds the narrative. Breaking the conventional rules of documentary filmmaking, Rivers' films are evocative and sensory, tinged with horror and the unknown, and are an entirely unique personal vision.

This selection of 24 extraordinary films has been specifically curated by the artist. Second Run are proud to present the first comprehensive Blu-ray collection of Ben Rivers' award-winning and critically acclaimed films.

This 2-disc Blu-ray Special Edition includes the following films, plus a 32-page booklet with a new essay by author and scholar Erika Balsom and writing on each of the films by Ben Rivers:

A World Rattled of Habit (2008) / Ah, Liberty! (2008) / Astika (2006) / The Coming Race (2006) / Ghost Strata (2019) / House (2005) / The House was Quiet (2020) / The Hyrcynium Wood (2003) / I Know Where I'm Going (2009) / Ijen/London (2022) / Look Then Below (2019) / Now, at Last! (2019) / Origin of the Species (2008) / Phantoms of a Libertine (2012) / Sack Barrow (2011) / The Shape of Things (2016) / Slow Action (2010) / There is a Happy Land Further Awaay (2015) / Things (2014) / This is My Land (2006) / Trees Down Here (2018) / Urth (2016) / We the People (2004)

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Special Features


• Presented from new digital transfers from original materials, approved by the director.

• 2-disc Blu-ray incorporating 24 films.

• Easter egg.

• 32-page booklet with a new essay by author and scholar
Erika Balsom, and writing on each of the films by Ben Rivers.

• All-region (A/B/C) Blu-rays.

• UK and World Premieres on Blu-ray.

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All films directed, produced, photographed, edited by
Ben Rivers

Images © Ben Rivers. All Rights Reserved.

The narrators:
Yuki Yamamoto (Sack Barrow, Things, There Is A Happy Land Further Awaay)
Janice Kerbel (Urth)
Ilona Halberstadt and John Wynne (Slow Action)



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Selected Awards:

2007 London Artists Film and Video Award
2010/2012 Shortlisted for the Jarman Award
2010 Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists
2011 FIPRESCI International Critics Prize, Venice Film Festival (for Two Years At Sea)
2011 The Baloise Art Prize, Art Basel 42
2012 Robert Gardner Film Award
2013 Artangel Open
2014 Tiger Award for Best Short Film, International Film Festival Rotterdam (for Things)
2020 Media City Film Festival Chrysalis Fellowship

“Ben Rivers’ movies make an immediate impression – they evoke mystery... [they] also have the long-term power to shape the viewer’s worldview and to take them on previously unknown journeys” Karlovy Vary Film Festival

“Handmade cinema par excellence, by a young British filmmaker who not only shoots his own 16mm footage on a hand-cranked Bolex camera but develops some of it, quite literally, in his kitchen sink. If you believe a film isn't a film without the battalions of technicians it takes to cook up Avengers Assemble, this one may not be for you”
The Independent

“The films of Ben Rivers are rich, cinematic portraits that explore wilderness environments and self-contained worlds” Picture This

“A unique voice in contemporary moving image practice,
Rivers crafts epic narratives out of peripheral people and places. He creates fascinating post apocalyptic visions, colliding slow time geology with the real time of marginalized hinterlands”
Film London Artists' Moving Image Network

“A brilliant film artist” Robert Koehler, Cinema Scope

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