Avenge but one of my two eyes Boxshot
Avenge but one of my two eyes
Israel/France 2005
Length / Main Feature: 100 minutes
Length / Special Feature: 15 minutes
Sound: Original Stereo
Colour 1.77:1 16x9 Enhanced
Language: Hebrew/Arabic/English
Subtitles: English On/Off, Arabic On/Off
buyPAL R0  RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 13 Nov 2006
Shot in the Occupied Territories by Israeli director Avi Mograbi, this controversial documentary film draws parallels between the Israeli - Palestinian situation today and the enduring myths of Samson and Masada. Mograbi offers a powerful, at times chilling, lament of the continuing cycles of violence rooted in the past and threatening to engulf everyone's future. With the roots of so much real-world conflict left unexamined by today's restless media, this film reminds us just how vital filmmakers like Avi Mograbi are.

Documentary today is rarely immersed in questions of this magnitude - or tackles them with the level of eloquence shown here by Mograbi. An exceptional and challenging film.

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Avenge but one of my two eyes Stills
Special Features
- Newly filmed interview with director Avi Mograbi.

- New digital transfer approved by the Director.

- Anamorphic 16:9 enhanced for widescreen televisions.

- Subtitled in English and Arabic.

- Optimal quality dual-layer disc.

- Booklet featuring a new Essay by author/critic Mark Cousins.

Main Cast and Crew
Written and Directed by Avi Mograbi

Produced by Serge Lalou and Avi Mograbi
Camera - Avi Mograbi, Philippe Bellaiche; and also Itzik Portal, Yoav Gurfinkel
Editing - Avi Mograbi, Ewa Lenkiewicz
Sound Mix - Dominique Vieillard

with the voice of Shredi Jabarin

"Avenge but one of my two eyes is one of the great essayistic films of modern times" - Mark Cousins (author, The Story of Film)

".a thoughtful and incisive call to action for the return of humanity in increasingly entrenched and inhuman times"
- Strictly Film School

".a powerful and stirring document" - The Hollywood Reporter

2006 Rotterdam International Film Festival / Amnesty International - DOEN Award

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