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Neon Bull
(Boi Neon)

A film by Gabriel Mascaro

Brazil, 2015



Gabriel Mascaro's sensual, subversive feature unfolds within the macho world of the vaquejada, a traditional Brazilian form of rodeo. Iremar is a bull wrangler, who aspires to being a fashion designer, and the film follows him and his friends as they travel from rodeo to rodeo dreaming of better days ahead.


Balancing a provocative realism with improvisational drama, Neon Bull is a celebration of its characters and their everyday lives as well as their obstinate capacity to dream. It explores the lives of its protagonists in evocative tableaux of fierce, funny, sweaty intimacy which lyrically subverts its macho domain.

The Girl from Hunan Still


"Neon Bull is a profound reflection on the intersection of the human and bestial... exalts carnal passion in beautiful, almost sculptural love scenes" New York Times

"Wild, sensual and transporting" Indiewire





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