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Silence and Cry

(Csend és kiáltás)
A film by Miklós Jancsó

Hungary, 1965



An elliptical, claustrophobic drama shot in the brilliant, breathtaking long takes that are Jancsó’s trademark, Silence and Cry is set after the fall of the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. A young Red soldier, fleeing the anti-Communist manhunt, takes refuge at the isolated farm of a peasant family, who are are already under police scrutiny for being politically suspect...


Working on a more intimate canvas, following the epic The Round-Up and The Red and the White, Hungarian master Jancsó's film is still very much concerned with the terrible, tyrannical impact of power, politics and history.

The Girl from Hunan Still


"A newly intimate, domestic level [for the director]...Jancsó’s characteristic sequence shots turn the chamber drama into a political thriller pregnant with wider connotations"

Tony Rayns, Time Out





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My Twentieth Century
(Az én XX. századom)
A film by Ildikó Enyedi
Hungary, 1989



Winner of the 1989 Cannes Film Festival Camera d’Or, Ildikó Enyedi’s magical film spins a tale of twin girls, Dóra and Lili, who are born in 1880 Budapest on the same moment Thomas Edison unveils his electric lightbulb to an excited public in New York. The sisters are soon orphaned and separated in childhood, and follow different paths: one grows up to be a naïvely idealistic, bomb-toting anarchist, the other a pampered, hedonistic courtesan whose paths cross once again on the Orient Express on New Year’s Eve 1899…

Shot in luminous monochrome by cinematographer Tibor Máthé, My Twentieth Century is a modernist fable, a fantasmagoria of scientific, political and sexual revolution and radicalism, the birth of cinema, and the wonder of existence in a constantly changing world.

The Girl from Hunan Still


"My Twentieth Century is a number of wondrous things... a bracing combination of wit, invention, common sense and lunacy. Superb"
Vincent Canby, New York Times





Diary for my Children









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