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Black Peter
(Černý Petr)

A film by Miloš Forman

Czechoslovakia, 1963



Forman’s delightful, hilarious debut feature Black Peter (Cerný Petr) is a cornerstone of the Czech New Wave.

Presented from a stunning beautifully-restored new 4K digital edition, Black Peter relates the story of a teenager starting his first job as a supermarket security guard in communist Czechoslovakia. Peter's longs to just laze by the river, talk to his friends, and flirt with girls, but stuck in the shop, he has to deal with belligerent management and at home with his father’s nagging.

Improvisational, beautifully shot by Jan Němeček and both moving and extremely funny, Black Peter wonderfully ushered in the Czech New Wave.

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"Simply an irresistibly wry and witty look at life's little pitfalls, full of affection for every last one of the characters" Time Out






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