New Releases

Ikarie XB 1
A film by Jindřich Polák
Czechoslovakia, 1963

Blu-ray Special Edition

"Polák's groundbreaking celestial saga is every bit as impressive today as it was in 1963. Don't tell me Kubrick missed this one..."
Joe Dant

Jindřich Polák's pioneering and much-imitated feature Ikarie XB 1 is one of the cornerstones of contemporary science fiction cinema. It predates Star Trek and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and was clearly an influence on both - as well as countless other sci-fi films and TV shows that followed.

This region-free Blu-ray special edition presents the film from a new 4K restoration and includes the short film The Most Ordinary of Occupations (Nejvšednější povolání, 1963), a filmed appreciation by Kim Newman, 20-page booklet... and more!

Release Date: March 2019

Diamonds of the Night
(Démanty noci)
A film by Jan Němec
Czechoslovakia, 1964

Blu-ray Special Edition

“An extraordinary debut, and an intense experience... Honest, pure, and with a dark beauty all of its own” Cine Outsider

Presented from the new 4K restoration of the film which premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Second Run present a new Blu-ray Special Edition of Jan Němec's masterful and harrowing Diamonds of the Night.

This new Blu-ray Special Edition also contains Němec's debut short film A Loaf of Bread (Sousto, 1960) and a new audio commentary by film historian Michael Brooke.

Release Date: January 2019

New Releases

Dawson City: Frozen Time
A film by Bill Morrison
USA, 2016

"Both awe-inspiring and humbling... an instantaneously recognizable masterpiece" Glenn Kenny, New York Times

Named as one of the best films of 2017 by more than 100 critics worldwide, Dawson City: Frozen Time tells the bizarre true story of a long-lost collection of over 500 nitrate film prints dating from the early 1900s found buried in the permafrost at a remote Yukon mining town.

Our region-free Blu-ray and DVD editions includes a brand-new filmed interview with director Bill Morrison, his exceptional short film The Letter (2018), a filmed postscript
to the story, 24-page booklet... and more.

Release Date: February 2019

Invention for Destruction
(Vynález zkázy)
A film by Karel Zeman
Czechoslovakia, 1958

"An imaginative delight, and a stunning personal achievement. Once seen, never forgotten." Senses of Cinema

Presented from new 4K restoration, Karel Zeman's beloved Invention for Destruction comes to Blu-ray and DVD from Second Run.

Breaking new ground in its combination of live action, animation and design, Zeman's film is both a heartfelt homage and love letter to Jules Verne's wonderful tales of science and adventure, and a valiant cry against man's propensity for self-destruction.

Release Date: November 2018

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